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Chandler // Male // German Shepherd

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Chandler // Male // German Shepherd

Post by Chandler on Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:07 pm

::3 years 2 months::
::Prefers female gender::
::German Shepherd::

Chandler was born into a litter of 5 other puppies, all of which the traditional color. At 5 months, they were all sold to loving families, all except for Chandler, who growled at anyone who tried to touch him. Chandler was then sent off to train to be a police dog at 8 months, since he showed the potential. After training was complete, he went to his first crime-scene with his partner, Officer Patrick Flannery (if you know who he is irl I love you). Chandler was chasing a robber, and was hit by the get-away car when he decided to be a hero and stop it. His leg was damaged beyond repair, and needed to be amputated. His left fore-leg was then replaced by a prosthetic, looking nothing like a real leg. After getting used to it, he was sent back to the station and was welcomed back like nothing ever happened. Patrick had taken Chandler in as a pet when he was 2 in result of their tight bond, and the two now go home together when they don't have the night-shift. A female was later brought to the station, a German shepherd X Gray wolf by the name of Rubix, and the two instantly got along great. Not long later, the two were found to be expecting a litter. They had 8 black German shepherd X Gray wolf puppies, and only one of the litter was kept by Patrick, the rest sold. Rubix was killed during a robbery, and Chandler was sent into depression. His change, however, has not affected his daily routine : get the prosthetic on in the mornings, adjust to it, go to work, after that go home, get prosthetic taken off before bed, and repeat. Chandler's depression did get in the way of his work, however, and he now panics at the sound of anything loud, due to the fact that a gunshot was the cause of his beloved mate's death. Due to his newly developed fear and depression, he was forced to retire early, and is now just a pet and occasional guard dog for Patrick.

Chandler has the traditional colored coat of a German shepherd with a light brown base-coat and black over-coat. His coat is short, thick and soft, and has to get trimmed often so he doesn't get overheated in the warm house. His ears are clipped to permanently perk up, making him appear as alert as he acts. He stands at the maximum height for a GSD, standing at 26 inches at the shoulder and weighing the maximum of 88 lbs. His tail is kept natural, falling straight and ending at the canine's ankles.

Loyal; Depressed; Alert; Protective; Logical; Playful; Fatherly; Honest; Instinctive; Disabled


Parents ~
Mother - Grace, female, German shepherd
Father - Hero, male, German shepherd

Siblings ~
Brothers :

Sisters :

Mate ~
Rubix, female, German Shepherd X Gray wolf, Deceased

Crush ~

Pups ~
Kyle, male, GSD X Gray wolf
Kane, male, GSD X Gray wolf
Riley, male, GSD X Gray wolf
Pablo, male, GSD X Gray wolf
Shawn, male GSD X Gray wolf
Rick, male, GSD X Gray wolf
Ileana, female, GSD X Gray wolf
Kiara, female, GSD X Gray wolf

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Re: Chandler // Male // German Shepherd

Post by Steel on Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:28 pm

Accepted, Have fun roleplaying!

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