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|Blossom |Female| Siberian husky|

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|Blossom |Female| Siberian husky|

Post by Blossom on Sat Apr 16, 2016 3:50 pm

1 year 7 months
Prefers males
Siberian Husky

Growing up in the same house as her mother, Blossom was manly kept in solitude, away from her mother and her two sisters. the reason she was kept in solitude was to be believed, that one day she would make a great hunting dog. After a month has passed, Blossom was able to see her family. But, her mother Snow, couldn't believe what her daughter wanted. she spent most of her time training with her humans in the meadows and forest. She spends her nights with her sister cloud. but her mother never wanted to spend time with her since then. After a week has passed, Blossom was sold to a hunting organization. Her mother and cloud tried to convenes Blossom not to leave. But, Blossom didnt listen since they didnt like the way she picked her life. After a months of training at the hunting organization. Blossom was given a collar in show of her hard work. Since then, she has been hunting with groups of five in the meadows and forests. But, she always looked back on her past. hoping that one day, she could see her mother and sister and brother  again.  

Blossom's coat has a light fawn like red base, with a white chest, muzzle, under-tail, muzzle. including two white patches over her eyes. Blossom also sports a dark black collar. Thick Silky fur, but shorter and a bit thicker on her tail.  Blossom's ears are short and flopped, with a tail that curls up and across her back. Blossom has normal sized paws, and weighs 35-51 pounds but her exact weight is unknown, and she is 21-24 inches at the shoulders.

not very playful, loyal, Energetic, May be friendly, calm, confidant, fearless, wary to strangers, doesn't speak much, a huge lover, submissive around some humans, sometimes a hot-head.

her mothers name is snow~ Snow has a bright snow color fur, with bright blue eyes. She has a small scar over her right shoulder from a fight with there father zebu. Some people describe her as "Beautiful" from her fur color and eyes. But, it's manly from her personality and her love toward others.

Her fathers name is Zebu~ Zebu has a bright red color fur, with a small white spot over his right eye. He has dark Green eyes. He has two scars over his muzzle, left eye and right shoulder from a fight with his mate snow. some people call him a "Monster" since he tried to kill his owner. His attitude comes from his old father red eye. This is where Blossom and storm got their personality from.

Cloud, Female

Storm, Male




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Re: |Blossom |Female| Siberian husky|

Post by Steel on Sat Apr 16, 2016 3:58 pm

Accepted! Have fun roleplaying! Make sure you read the rules located under "Important" and at the bottom of every area post under "roleplay."

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