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~Phoenix~Female~American red wolf~

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~Phoenix~Female~American red wolf~

Post by Phoenix on Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:00 pm

~Name~ Phoenix
~Gender~ Female
~Age in years/months~ 3 years and eight months
~What gender you prefer~ prefers males
~Breed~ American red wolf

Phoenix was born in a zoo, she never met her parents, because she was shipped off to Maine's Wildlife Park zoo, where she fell in love with a wolf named Titan, Titan was a black wolf with silver eyes. The lupine couple became mates four months after they met. And nine months later, Phoenix gave birth to two beautiful puppies. One was a white female, whom she named Unicorn, after her favorite mythical creature, The second was a male, black as the night, just like his father, whom was named Dragon, after Titan's favorite mythical creature. A while month later, when Phoenix was almost three years old, Titan died and Phoenix and her pups were released into the wild. The pups have lived with her ever since.  

Phoenix has amber eyes with green flecks in them, her long silky fur is a russet orange and it is especially long on the ridge of her neck, the fur there Is black, giving her a mane. Her ears are both floppy and overly large, and she is very long and lanky. She is also somewhat muscular, and she is a daunting 30 inches at the shoulder. She weighs about 70 lbs from lack of food, and her tail is usually held about five inches above the ground.

kind, brave, lonely, mothering, sleep deprived, overly protective, creative, wise,




Titan~ Dead

none yet

Pups~ Unicorn (Female, goes by Uni) and Dragon (male)


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Re: ~Phoenix~Female~American red wolf~

Post by Steel on Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:24 pm

Accepted! Have fun roleplaying!

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